Galveston County Local Elections

November 8, 2016: General Election

Following are the local General Election races on the ballot for the November 8, 2016 Election in Galveston County, Texas. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Not all races appear on all ballots. Races that cover all of Texas are listed on our Statewide Elections page. There may be additional elections going on in some of the individual political entities such as cities, school boards or utility districts. To view your specific sample ballot, please visit the Galveston County Elections Office website.

Party Affiliation: D = Democrat, R = Republican, L = Libertarian, G = Green
(i) denotes incumbent

Websites were located by internet searches. If you are a candidate and would like your website added, please send it to us. We do not endorse any candidates or organizations. Thank you for voting!

2016 Local General Election Candidates

US Representative, District 14

Michael Cole - D
Randy Weber (i) - R

State Senator, District 4

Brandon Creighton (i) - R
Jenn West - L

State Senator, District 11

Larry Taylor (i) - R

State Representative, District 23

Lloyd Criss - D
Wayne Faircloth (i) - R

State Representative, District 24

Greg Bonnen (i) - R

Chief Justice, 1st Court of Appeals

Jim Peacock - D
Sherry Radack (i) - R

Justice, 1st Court of Appeals, Place 4

Barbara Gardner - D
Evelyn Keyes (i) - R

Justice, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 2

Kevin Jewell - R
Candance White - D

Justice, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 9

Tracy Elizabeth Christopher (i) - R
Peter M Kelly - D

District Judge, 10th Judicial District

Kerry L Neves (i) - R
Cornel Walker - D

District Judge, 56th Judicial District

Lonnie Cox (i) - R

District Judge, 405th Judicial District

Michelle Slaughter (i) - R


Henry A Trochesset (i) - R

Tax Assessor-Collector

Cheryl E Johnson (i) - R

County Commissioner, Pct 1

Darrell A Apffel - R

County Commissioner, Pct 3

Stephen D Holmes (i) - D

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4

Kathleen M McCumber (i) - R

Constable, Pct 1

Rick Sharp (i) - R

Constable, Pct 2

Jimmy Fullen (i) - R

Constable, Pct 3

Derreck Rose (i) - D

Constable, Pct 4

Jerry Fisher (i) - R

City of League City Election

City Council Position 3

Brian Brown
Larry Millican
Brenton Spry

City Council Position 4

Todd Kinsey (i)
Rudy Salcedo

City Council Position 5

Debbie Drury
Greg Gripon

Galveston ISD Election

Trustee District 2-B

David O'Neal (i)
Robert M "Matt" White

High Island ISD Election

Trustee Position 3

Marjorie M McAlpin (i)

Trustee Position 4

Gary Kent (i)

Trustee Position 5

Jo E Ball
Chris Barrow
Brice Borden
David DeMoss

Santa Fe ISD Election

Trustee Position 1

Christy Lala
John Snider

Trustee Position 2

Jody "Jonathan" Davis
Patrick Kelly
Lori Lala

Trustee Position 3

Eric E Davenport

Trustee Position 7

Jessica Hagewood
Wayne Logan (i)


The issuance of $34,565,000 school building bonds for the construction, acquisition and equipment of school buildings in the district (including the rehabilitation, renovation and improvement thereof), the purchase of the necessary sites for school buildings and the purchase of new school buses, and the levying of the tax in payment thereof.